Mouth Choices

“It is not what goes into the mouth that defiles a person, but what comes out of the mouth that defiles a person” (Mathew 15:11 ESV).

Take this moment to ask God to bring to your remembrance some of the word choices you made in 2016.

As you think about them, did any of your word choices manifest, if so, were they good choices or bad ones?

For example,

How many time did you confess that the joy of the Lord is your strength?


How many times did you confess that you were tired, drained, sad or depress?

How many times did you confess prosperity in the areas of your health, finances, and relationships?


How many times did you confess:

  • Feeling sick.
  • Not having enough money.
  • Marital problems.
  • Mistrust in friendships.
  • Gossip about a co-workers

Remember God’s words add and multiply and never subtract or divide from your health, finances or relationships.

Have a blessed day.

Reverend Fredina

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