african american woman

When you think about the abbreviation M&M what comes to mind?
Is your mouth watering for the desire to taste the peanut or chocolate candy called M&M?
Are you thinking about going grocery shopping at M&M Market, which is located Dover Ohio?Both are nice thoughts and represent the abbreviation M&M; however, neither one represents the M&M we are referencing.
The M&M we speak of relates to what illustrate the values in your heart.
As children of the most high King, we know that “for where your treasure is, there your heart will be also” (Matthew 6:21, NAS).
M&M represents some of the desires of your heart in relation to spoken words (mouth), and financial spending (Money).
Sometime today, stop and evaluate your spoken words, and follow your spending habits, money trail.
As you are noticing your mouth and money patterns,M&M, ask yourself the following question:
Is my spoken words and spending patterns building the Kingdom up or tarring it down for self, family, friends and community?

Have a blessed day
Rev. Fredina, Fredifit