Mindfulness Self-Assessment Observation

We must be aware of what is happening internally (thoughts and feelings) and externally (sounds, sights, feelings, and other’s activities). We must maintain a wholistic balance between our spirit, soul, and body. Let us take a self-assessment in order to observe our strengths and weaknesses in the area of mindfulness.
We will use the following scale 1 to 5:
1= never or very rarely true
2= not often true
3 = sometimes true, sometimes not true
4 =often true
5 = very often or always true

________ 1. While taking a walk, I feel my body’s sensation through the movements?

________ 2. I feel the water on my body as I shower.

________ 3. Most of the time, I eat the food that offers healthcare to my body, emotion, and sensation.

________ 4. I am attentive to various sounds: clock, birds, cars, footsteps

________5. I have king smells senses.

________ 6. I am attentive to how my emotions affect my thoughts and actions.

After taking the assessment, notice strong and weak areas and present them to God. Try this assessment in three months to see if there was a change.

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