Mindfulness: Eating

We need to eat; yet we don’t make the time to partake of a nutritionist meal. At this moment, we are starving tired, frustrated and need to get the job, school assignment, or family commitment done; therefore, drive through at our favorite fast-food is our quick and comforting food choice fix-it.
The food choices we made and are making will eventually manifest within our thoughts, emotions, will, and physical health care in interactions with others. If we want to visually develop and maintain wholistic healthcare unity (spirit, soul, and body) we need to continuously engage in a mindful eating ritual.
This is where we willingly practice taking inventory of every sensory experience in relation to our food choices and intakes. We become aware of how our food choices affects our brain, enhance or reduce our mood swings, physical activity levels, and body images.
Suggestive mindful eating tips:
Let us tune down our food intake of sweets, fried foods, and juices loaded with white sugar.
Let us eat when hungry versus stuffing ourselves to fulfill an emotional desire.
Let us focus on our food choices by asking ourselves why did I choose this food. Am I eating this because I do not feel like cooking, I am stressed out, I am frustrated, or is this a comfort food choice?
Let us focus on chewing slowly enjoying every bite versus hurry to move on to our next assignment.
Let us take the time to eat some of our favorite as we engage in the 90/10 rule. Most of the time we are mindfully eating nutritionist foods (90%) which will allow us to eat some of our desserts, candies, etc (10%).
Mindful eating reminds us to choose wisely our food choices, since the end results will manifest within our spirits, souls, bodies, and within our social lifestyles.
“Do you like honey? Don’t eat too much, or it will make you sick!” (Proverbs 25:17).
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