Midlife Wellbeing

Growing old in God’s grace has no preferences when dealing with gender, race, hormones, financial status, marital status, sibling rivalries, or career advancements. Biblical characters’ testimonies vividly portrayed how God’s servant aged gracefully, how they remained energetic, how they walked in and saw miraculous sounds and wonders. We, within this competitive nonappreciation of senior citizens society, need to overcome the worlds norm for a midlife crisis which proclaims aging as a dreadful season which offers its partakers a front-row seat to long-term pharmaceutical prescriptions, minimum social security, and as an ongoing transition for employer’s or self-employed’ s paid health plan to Medicaid/Medicare healthcare coverages.
We need to visually see ourselves entering or in the midlife season in vibrant health, sexual attractive and fulfill, loving our physical appearances, and our thoughts are overflowing with clarity and authenticity. Anti-aging, midlife healthcare, is rooted upon our physical age and does not (by our choice) dictate to us our remaining earthly journey in relation to our wholistic healthcare, spirit, soul, and body.

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