Merry Christmas Mindfulness of Love

MIndfulness of Love

Mindfulness of love is radiant throughout the Christmas season. Families gather around the fireplace. Also, church bells ring “Glory to the New Born King.” In addition, the Christmas carol loudly proclaims, “this is the season to be jolly.” Finally, shopping malls lure spenders to purchase loving gifts for Christmas cheerfully. There are some of the ways we express mindfulness of love. Yet, is this what mindfulness of love is all about?

The Christmas Story

As a child, I love to hear the Chistmas story that happen long ago the Christmas story.To me, this was the most incredible story ever told. My father tells my sisters and me about a man named Joseph ( a carpenter). He marries a young girl named Mary ( a virgin). They were not rich but had much love. They married and traveled far to have a miracle baby named Jesus Christ. The baby was no ordinary child. He would save the world from eternal sin.

Dad joyously explains how Jesus was God’s only son who came down in the flesh to save us. Then, with glowing eyes, my mother states that is the true meaning behind the mindfulness of love. Also, mom excitedly says Merry Christmas is a celebration of the birth of Jesus and reminds us to love each other the Christmas reminder. Yet, the gift of giving is not just in one-time exchange of Christmas gifts. Instead, we would all say together, “It is loving each other through our words, deeds, and actions.” 

Merry Christmas Love

Byron and Rev. Dr. Fredina proclaim Merry Christmas. We pray and hope the mindfulness of love behind the Merry Christmas will warm your hearts. The Bible story about the baby Jesus will remind you of Our Father’s love towards us. The Christmas Carols will energize your feet to the swiftness of the beat. Hopefully, you will spend time with your loved ones with an attitude of gratitude.