Mental Health:Survival

Stress is everywhere within our personal and professional lifestyles. Not knowing what tomorrow will bring can open the door to fear of health issues, no money, bills due, and remaining in confinement due to the COVID-19. Yes, we need to stay educated about this health issue and be mindful that no man is an Island as we deal with this nationwide epidemic. Where we have no control over the virus pathway, and if we are not careful, it will continue to dramatically affect our mental and emotional mind frame.
The norm we were used to before the virus has shifted us into a new norm. Social events and hours have come to a shocking halt, parents stress level on in an incline trying to work and home school. Persons living by themselves are forced to remain in isolation without visitors. The economy is in an uprising and causing incline in unemployment and decline in cash flow among self-employed corporations and employee’s money security through employment.
To maintain mental health sanity, try the following suggestions:
1. Spiritual- keep on reminding ourselves that with God all things are possible. Continue to spend time meditating on God’s word. Pray without ceasing. Keep a belief system support group handy through text messages, email, most importantly phone calls. Don’t forget to pray, motivate, and encourage others.
2. Thoughts-keep ongoing check on your thoughts. Ask yourself where the thoughts are coming from? How do my thoughts coincide with God’s thoughts?
3. Emotional-monitor your feelings. What brought about these feelings? What can be done to move forward or release this emotional moods? How can we give these feelings over to God? Do I need to take some me-time, crying time, confrontation time with self and others?
4. Physical-be good to yourself. Stay fit. If you need to see a physician do so. Exercise daily. Eat healthy (during this season, less junk food would be a wise choice). Drink sufficient amount of water (body weight divided by 2). Get a proper amount of rest and sleep. If at all possible, avoid confrontational and negative people.
If you would like additional pampering services during this time, please check out our virtual consultation sessions that we are offering:
Mini Health -30 minute (within a virtual session) of encouraging, energizing, educational and fun, creative simple movements. This will enhance one’s wellbeing and healthcare in order for you to be effective, efficient, and productive within their personal and professional life challenges.
April 18, 2020, Saturday at 11:00 AM.
April 25, 2020, Saturday at 11:00 AM.
Workshop-1 hour (within a virtual session) of informative knowledge on handling mental and emotional stressors along with meditation exercises and Tai-chi movements to strengthen one’s inner spirit as well as physical endurance levels.
April 18, 2020, Saturday at 12 Noon.
April 25, 2020, Saturday at 12 Noon.

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