The Soul Music Playing Within

Your Inner Music

The music from the soul,relates to the consciousness of your self-belief. The melodies from the heart energizes your thoughts, emotions, and words spoken. On the other hand, the music exhausts your strength, feelings and depletes your faith proclamations.

The sound of a vocal instrument within one’s soul can produce beauty and guide one’s feelings and decisions. Therefore, the music from the soul,is visual through your benefits from Music What keynotes are you using within one’s personal or professional lifestyle? During midterms and finals, is the music in you playing sounds of fear and failure at school? You must be conscious of what tunes you allow in and out of your soul.

The melody from the heart shall convince your will to either maintain family harmony or cause choices The worksite job competition, workload deadline, and possible layoff may initiate a panic hymn within your thoughts. It would be best if you take control of what you permit to influence the song within. Stop! Take the time to meditate on this musical note. What musical sounds are freely running through your thoughts, the music within?

What Do You Hear?


Listening to your inner Music, do you hear:
God’s musical sounds; joy, peace, and love.
Your musical sounds, the song; I can not do this; I can not forgive.
Their melodic sounds; we do not like you, you do not fit in, you will never succeed.

The music playing wihtin your soul can be victorious. You play the conquering chords to fight the good fight of faith. First, sweet echoes peace is the chorus you want to hear while enduring stress.peace Next, the musical strings of determination play while battling failures. Finally, the enjoyable sound of Scripture flows through you to remind you of who you are in Christ.

The Music of Faith Helper

Know that you are “Set Free by Your Faith” in Christ. Check out my song Set Free By Faith. It will encourage the Music in you. Also, the melody will motivate your heart to develop or maintain your faith in Christ.