Make Room


“I find space for what I treasure
And I make time for what I want
I choose my priorities and
Jesus, You’re my number one
So I will make room for You
I will prepare for two
So You don’t feel that You
Can’t live here
Please live in me” Lyric by Jonathan McReynolds, Make Room.
Does that sound familiar? What we claim and assign important to us within our lifestyles, we make room for the persons, places or things. Each day we are giving numerous opportunities to either be productive (career success, loving relationships, healthy snacks, accomplished dreams and goals) or clutter schedules (relationships dramas, junk food, idle time, wasted energy, and procrastination).
Let us move over our self-will, others’ dreams and visions for our lifestyles, and unnecessary interactions, assignments, and spending patterns to choose God’s divine plan for our daily agendas. This means will move over self-inflicted decisions in order to seek God’s guidance through His word and prayer. We will move over relationships that stunt our personal and professional wellbeing in order to follow God’s lead in the area of choices within our relationship (intimate, family, friends, co-workers, supervisors etc.).
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