Love: Never Disconnects

” Love never fails” (1Corinthains 13:8)

Life sometimes hands us feelings of loneliness.

On certain days we feel disconnected from family and friends.

Some days we feel as thou we exist without life purpose, as we go through our daily routines, show up for work, and attend church on a regular basis.

As His child, God never leaves us or forsake us, even when we FEEL isolated.

Continue to fall in love with Jesus regardless of your feelings. One thing is for sure

“In His arms never disconnected (no no)….

Falling in love with Jesus

Falling in love with Jesus

Falling in love with Jesus

Was the best thing I ever ever done” Lyrics by Johnathan Butler, Falling in Love With Jesus.

Tomorrow, as you go through your day, regardless of life challenges, your feelings, or people’s response or actions to your choices, see yourself in the arms of your Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Remember His Love Never Fails.