Love: A Place

“LORD, I love the place where you live, the place where your glory dwells” (Psalm 26:8, NIV).

Love is a place. It is a place within our hearts where God dwells.

If we are walking in His word, His will, and His love, we can  endure life’s daily challenges.

Even when we do not feel like communicating wit others, going to work, or paying bills, we can remind ourselves that God’s love within us can help us to make the right decision with a peaceful mind and inner calmness.

We can do this by continuing to fall in love with Jesus.


” In his Arms I feel protected

In His Arms never disconnected (no no)

In His Arms I feel protected

There is no place I’d rather rather be” lyrics by Johnathan Butler, Falling In Love With Jesus.

Tomorrow as you go through your day and make your decisions, remember you are in His Arms.

Reverend Fredina