Lifestyle Decisions

Coming out of confinement, mandates us to make some decisions about our attendance. We have to use wisdom not fear on where we should go and whom our choices are affecting. Yes, our state is allowing us to enter into the new norm; yet, we are responsible for how and when we enter the new norm. Our finance does mandate we return to work; however, let us make sure we are ready and able to return. Please make sure you listen to your body in relation to healthcare symptoms in relation to COVID-19, chronic disease challenges, and your spiritual and emotional state. Once entering the new norm, personal or professional, please abide by your state’s guidelines and your mental and physical state in relation to your professional requirements (employee, independent contractor, corporation, entrepreneur, partnership, or school). Self-assessment is needed in the area of questioning our true motive for choosing to enter or not to enter the new norm.
Let us know how you feel about coming out of confinement.
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