a woman in cheerleader outfit holding pompoms

Dr. Fredina’s Mission

I will be excited to be a life coach, your cheerleader. Did you know? “What you believe surfaces in your self-thoughts. Next, It is expressed through your emotions . Finally, it becomes visual through your physical appearance” Dr. Fredina J. Weemyshttps://wonderfullymadeinc.com/the-heart-search-while-dealingwith-physical-and-spirutual-challanges/.

Hi, I am Dr. Fredina, a health and wellness life coach, your cheerleader.  We don’t know what the future holds. However, you may encounter financial obstacles, health issues, or relationship trauma.  As your compassionate nonjudgemental life coach, I will walk with you on your personal and professional transformation journey. In this safe, calm, and reassuring atmosphere, you will enhance self-confidence. How? To achieve desired life goals, you will empower yourself with favorable behavioral modification, mindfulness, and self-worth.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kSHbnK38O4E

Your Cheerleader

I, life coach, your cheerleader have the following spiritual, health, wellness, and fitness credentials: First, I had received a Business Administration/Health and Fitness Bachelor Degree. In addition, I am grateful to have an Arts and Religion Master Degree, Also, after grieving over the lost of my mother,I recieve a, Master’s of Divinity in Professionalism. Next, My twenty plus years of service at the Cleveland Clinic Foundation’s Wellness Department, result in a lay off. On the other hand, I did recieve a Wellness Doctorate in Ministy. Finally my academic accomplishmeatns include the following: Pastoral Counseling and Leadership Master of Arts, Mental Toughness  Certification, Life Coach Certification, and Behavior Change Specialist Certification.  

For thrity years, I have helped and watched women focus on self-improvement; therefore, they successfully use their life challenges to create a proactive lifestyle. On the contrary, the results are inward calmness (spirit and soul) and outward vitality (energy) (physical). Yet, as a team,  together, we will strengthen your self-confidence as you recognize and channel into your internal power to stay balanced during life’s challenges while pursuing your goals personal /professional. I will be honored to be your life coach, a cheerleader on your team throughout your holistic life journey.