Knock Out

Within the boxing and wrestling area spectators are on edge, the panic button has been pushed, television audience are waiting to visually see if the knocked down opponent will rise to the occasion or be counted out. The spectators who betted against the down-and-out fighter will be thrilled and pleased and a little richer if he chooses to stay down (based on self-will or body injuries). On the other hand, the fighter’s fans are rooting, praying, and screaming for him to bounce back up on his feet.
As we meditate over that vision, let us remember various times we were knocked out financially, emotionally, mentally, physically, and socially. If we rely and remain within our atmosphere of feelings, we might feel: abused, embarrassed, unwanted, and frustrated. These feelings and others will guide our thoughts and actions toward being vengeful, wanting to hurt others, expecting to receive compensations for our mistreatments, and entering isolation. If we permit negative thoughts to continuously channel our thinking pattern, we will be led down memory lane that initiate and keep us within the twilight zone of why me, what if syndrome, and who do they think they are mentality? Finally, we will continue to walk down the memory lane called Knock Out, we enter the need to soliciting urgent or long-term healthcare services since our immune system has been compromised in the areas of virus, flus, chronic diseases, and mental health.
To counterattack our Knock outs, we can:
First, we must face reality and acknowledge our short comings or wrong decisions. Next, we must take time out to deal with our emotional states. Third, we must seek God’s guidance through prayer. Fourth, we must listen to God’s directions. Fifth, we must decide not to dwell over the Knockout. Do not stay down for the count. We must crawl jump or leap up before being counted out. Six, we must proclaim the goodness of the Lord over our lives through our daily confession of God’s Word. Seven, we must by faith move forward and don’t look back.
Because we have God on our side, and we can’t look back.

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