Kidney Failure Symptoms

Kidney failure is not something we want to acknowledge or look forward too. We need to be alert and notate what symptoms that can suggest we may be dealing with Renal health concern. First, we should check our family health history to see if any of our family members dealt with or are dealing with kidney diseases. Mind you, this does not mean you are labeled and will have kidney challenges. This is just something to be mindful of. Other symptoms that could hint of kidney issues are: you don’t feel like eating; you feel like vomiting or nausea; you notice little or no urine when trying to urinate; your legs or feet are swollen; you are feeling anxious, restless, sleepy or confused; you are having back pain.

Please check with your medical physician before engaging in self-diagnosis. These symptoms could be an indicator of other health challenges vs. kidney disorder. Please make sure you keep your annual checkup.

Please Note: If you are dealing with chronic diseases (diabetes, heart issue, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, allergy, sinus) you may be taken medication that lists various side effects, vitamin deficiency, and elimination of certain foods. Please check with your SP and MP before changing eating habits, adding vitamin supplementation, fluid intake, and initiate an exercise plan.


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