Keep Moving

Entering back into the new norm requires us to let go of the temporarily sedentary lifestyle we might have engaged in during confinement. Our daily activity we incorporate more cardiovascular movements, strength training, and thinking fast on our feet. We will have to stay energize and active. We must maintain an atmosphere of peace and serenity. Each day brings about the reminder that the COVID-19 is still within the environment. We must engage in muscle movement without muscle soreness. We must practice and illustrate mouth and thought control. We must be able to add and subtract, stand and sit, agree and disagree while maintaining our sanity. No problem, In Christ this can be done. We got this by maintaining our personal relationship with God, respecting others’ viewpoints, getting a proper amount of rest, taking much needed me-time, maintaining our fitness rituals, and eating healthy meals.
Let us know how you plan on maintaining your spirit, soul, and body sanity.

If you want further cardio tips, please check out our new book (it will be available on soon) called Fredina’s Kickart: Healthcare and Wellness Journey by Dr. Fredina Usher-Weems.

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