Just Say NO

A lot of times we do not want to hurt someone feelings, or disappoint others, so we accept invitations and take on others’ responsibilities and obligation that we really did not want to partake of.

How can we avoid being overworked and overloaded with unwanted assignments and responsibilities?

How can we stop saying yes when we want to say no?

We can politely and respectfully say the two-letter word (No).

This week end throughout our family interactions, we can

Use the word NO by politely saying that I am not available at this time or I do not think I can fit that into my schedule.

Use a firm but polite alternative such as not today, no thanks or I think I will pass.

Assertively use the word No repeatedly if the family member persistently keeps asking you.

“All you need to say is simply yes or no; anything beyond this comes from evil one” (Matthew 5:37 NIV).

Byron and Reverend Fredina