Joy! Do You Have It?

What Is Joy?

Joy is defined in webster’s dictionary as the emotion is evoked by well-being, success, good fortune, or the prospect of possessing what one desires. Does that description fit your lifestyle? Mind you, we all have challenging days.

What Is Our Joy Focus?

Our joy focus is a three-fold purpose: Pleasure, passion, and purpose. First, Pleasure is not lasting. Yet it is important to us. We grasp it through hobbies, relationships, grades, careers, food choices, and social events.

Next, Passion -when we are passionate about something

(hobby, career, group interactions). Our passion initiates

self-fulfillment, which brings us contentment, and a sense of achievement that enhances our life purpose. This drives us to continue to follow our passions, hopefully in a healthy way.

On the other hand, our selective life purpose,

help us to feel like we are part of something bigger than ourselves. Also, our actions matter. We have a deeper sense of life fulfillment and long-term happiness. Our lives have meaning, now we have found our calling, True happiness, self-contentment-self-confidence, and self-worth.

How to Add Joy

How do we add jhappiness? We add joy by using the acronym KISS. Keep it simple, sweety by

  1. Have A childlike heart
    1. Do something you loved as a kid. Sing silly songs,
    1. splash in puddles, or see how high you can swing.
  2. Laugh at life’s hassles.
  3. Collect sayings or photos that make you smile.
  4. Music-Play a song you love.
  5. Go for it.
  6. Take a nature break.
  7. Take a mental break.
    1. Dream again
  8. Invest in others, Spread happiness.


Joyous people spread joy to others and within themselves.I challenge you to enjoy your life, spread joy to others while maintaining inner joy and healty lifestyle.