Humility As A Lifestyle

Humility as a lifestyle

Humility as a lifestyle reveals selflessness.selflessness Therfore, we need to totally depend on God.”Yahweh’s word proclaims that “He guides the humble in what is right and teaches them his way” (Psalms 25:9 NIV). Routine of humbelness is not found in self-pride or self-pity. Yet, we don’t stop self-preservation,and pursuing our dreams and goals. However, meekness under God’s grace is an ongoing and learning process. Humility as a lifestyle is our goal.

Walking in humility as a lifestyle

Even though, humility as a lifestyle is possible, it requires us to evaluate our lifestyle’s choices In addition, we must know and accept that humility is something that we can gain. Yet, we can practice humolity as a lifestyle. . First, we can grow in wisdom. Secondly, learn from our past experiences. Next, we can meditate and confess God’s word.. Finally, let us remember that “God’s righteousness and richness are ours at Christ’s expense”.

Routune of Humbleness Destroyers

The routine of humbliness is possible. Walking in humility means avoiding the “what If ” mindframe. if only Focusing on the if only scenerio causes emtional drama. For example, If I had not told him the truth, maybe, we would still be friends. The “if only” thought process brings stress and feelings of regret.

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Walk in humility in Christ and be a blessing.

Reverend Fredina, Fredifit