Health and Wellness Coach; Dr. Freina’s Coaching Perception

“What you believe surfaces in your self-thoughts. Next, it is expressed through your emotions. Finally, it becomes visual through your physical appearance” Dr. Fredina J. Weems.

Dr. Fredina Weems’ Bio

Hello! I am Dr. Fredina J, Usher-Weems. I Have a doctorate in Wellness, and I am a certified Behavior Specialist. For over twenty years, I have helped and watched women, men, teens, and children focus on self-improvement; therefore, they successfully use their life challenges to create a proactive lifestyle. On the contrary, the results are inward calmness (spirit and soul) and outward vitality (energy) (physical). As a team, together, we can collaborate on your health and wellness choices. On your cue, I will provide guidance and experiences within a nonjudgemental atmosphere. Are you ready to start?

Health and Wellness Journey

Stress is everywhere. As your coach, I will team with you to journey through and overcome daily challenges. Within a nonjudgmental environment we will tackle your health and wellness’ concerns. Wonderfully Made Inc coaching emphatically empowers our “clients to develop self-determinded goals related to health and wellness“.

Option Plan

Asessment and Forms

Please click on link to take a quick the Ultimate Wheel of Life assessment.