Happy Memorial Day

Happy Memorial Day
Celebrate by Exercising
Men and women who exercise are less frustrated, not dealing with chronic diseases, walk in self-confidence, have a strong immune system, and able to contour attack depression. Physical activity offers the following health-related benefits: reduce the risk of illnesses, improve mental sharpness, offers positive outlook on life, increases energy level, keeps one independent, reduces muscle soreness and stiffness, and adds to one’s quality of life. Exercise options are unlimited from walking, swimming, dancing, to golfing. Before you engage in a fitness program, please get approval from your SP and MP and know your fitness preferences and body limitations.
Suggested cardio training guidelines are (According to American College of Sports Medicine):
Frequency: 3-5 days per week
Intensity (know your body): 60-85% HR max or 40-60% HRR
Time: 20-60 Minutes (10 minutes bouts accumulated throughout the day)
Type: Your choice as long as the activity permits you to use large muscle groups while you maintain a continuous rhythmical movement.
Suggested resistance training guidelines are (according to American College of Sports Medicine):
Frequency: 2 -3 days per week (doing complete muscle training have a day off in between)
Reps: 1 set of 8-12 reps to the point of volitional fatigue
Exercises: 8-10 separate exercise which trains major muscle groups (legs, hips, back, abdomen, chest, shoulders, and arms)
Equipment: machine, hand weights, tube, kettle ball, or body weight

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