Hair Care

This season of confinement has challenged some of us to become our own personal hair stylist. If you were use to haircare services a beautician or barber, then being in house arrest has caused you to adjust your hair maintenance and maybe break down to washing and styling your and other live in resident’s hair. During this time frame, please check with your Spiritual Physician (SP) and your Cosmetologist physician (CP). This can be a dreadful adventure. Now, don’t give up returning to your norm of barber or beauty shop hair health care when given your notification to comm out of house arrest.
While we are in the hair care discovery mode, let us consider that good hair hygiene requires us to know, accept, and appreciate our unique hair texture and current hair condition. A good hair style declares that we are grooming our hair with the appropriate haircare products (shampoo, conditioner, and hair tools). Our hair style should proclaim that we comprehend and self-identify> Also it reveals that we are not ashamed of our selective haircare products and appearances. If we have concerns, issues, or questions about our haircare, then don’t hesitate to check with your barber, beautician or get educational knowledge through resources.


Not knowing what tomorrow will bring can open the door to fear of health issues, the fear of no money; yet, bills due. If we are not careful, we can remain in either negative mental, emotional, physical confinement due to health challenges, family emergencies, sudden loss of employment or customers, or short-term or long-term lifestyle pivot. We are here to journey with you through lifestyle challenges, please check out our virtual consultation sessions that we are offering.

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