Grief Recovery: The Why Questions

While going through the grief recovery process, we often go into the “why questionnaire phase”.
We may ask ourselves:
Why did this happen to me/us?
Why did he or she have to suffer?
Why did he or she commit suicide?
Why do I have to hurt?
Why did I not do something to stop it from happening?
Why was I not there?
Our “why questions” can go on and on. We do not have the answers and may not every receive satisfactory answers to our “why questions.
It is ok to ask God. As we are pondering over the “why questions” let us remember to give ourselves permission to feel and express what we are feeling even if we do not have logical answers to our “why questions”.
As we are transitioning through our ongoing grief recovery process, let us enter into the “how questions zone”. The focus point is how can we learn through this experience. This will help us to journey onward with the reality of the physical loss of our loved loves.
Remember, in God’s grace we can live our life one second at a time.