Gift Return

It is the day after Christmas, and we are pondering over the unwanted Christmas gifts received. In the spirit of love, we do not want to seem ungrateful; yet, we don’t like the gifts received from family members, friends or co-workers. How do we handle this, since we know we will not wear or use several of the gifts received? Let us make sure whatever we decide to do, we do it in a way that glorify God.
Let us take into consideration that we do not have to condemn ourselves or feel shameful because we do not like the gifts. This is not saying that we do not appreciate the thought and love placed behind the gift received. Since it was a gift, we have the right to make the decision on what we want to do with them. Some suggestion (after seeking God for the solution) for what to do with the unwanted gifts are as follows:
1. If we are noticing a yearly pattern of a gift received, in love we should let the person know how we really feel about this gift.
2. Give it to someone we know would enjoy the gift.
3. Donate the gift to a charity of our choice.
4. Re-gift the gift.
5. See if we can exchange the gift.
6. We can sell it online.
Let us not forget the real reason for receiving gifts versus getting caught up on gift exchange.
“When they saw the star, they rejoiced exceedingly with great joy” (Matthew 2:10).
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