God created us to feel and experience full range of emotions.  Emotions and friendships originate with your personal awareness and acceptance of your emotions.

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle means dealing, understanding, and accepting  your emotions.

How can you deal with your emotional states?

  1. Seeking God in prayer
    1. Letting your creator know how you are feeling.
    2. Ask Him why are you feeling the way you are feeling.
    3. Ask Him to help you notice when the feeling started.
  2. Ask yourself-when feeling sad, anxious, or upset
    1. Is there bitterness or forgiveness within?
    2. Do I just need to get some rest?
    3. Do I need to repent.
  3. When feeling joyous, happy, excited
    1. Praise and worship God.
    2. Thank God.
    3. Enjoy the moment.

Friendship with your emotions allows you to be a Christlike friend.

“Search me, O God, and know my heart. Try me and know my anxious thoughts” (Psalm 139: 23 NIV).