Freedom of Choice

God lovingly gave us freedom of choice, to live for Christ or to live for self.

What is freedom in Christ or slave to  self?

In Roman 6, Paul proclaims that either slave to sin, self, or slave to righteousness, our creator.

Slave to self, continue on a down spiral with no freedom deliverance

Freedom in Christ offers freedom from the penalty and power of sin through the cross.

This is where we find peace, reassurance and true freedom as we engage in daily life challenges.

Set free by our faith means that sin-free lifestyle rest in our faith in Christ’s redemption plan.

“Don’t tell me that there is not Virgin Mary. For her son died on the cross for me (Jesus). I believe in my God the Father, and His  truth will set me free Yeah. (Chorus) I’ve been set free by my faith. I’ve been set free by my faith. I’ve been set free by my faith in thee yeah yeah” lyric by Byron Weems, Set Free By My Faith, recorded on our family CD called God’s Grace.

Have a blessed day being free in Christ.

Reverend Fredina