Food For Thought

Healthcare Tip
“We walk by faith but not by sight”. We declare this verse whenever we see, think, or feel life is getting out of control. As we look all around us, we notice that we live in a world that challenges our spiritual healthcare values. We must keep the faith; yet, operate within a realistic environment. You ask me, what do I mean by this? I am so glad you ask.
We know that by His stripes we are healed; yet are we maintain physical healthcare? Yes, I have the body of Christ. The question to ask is, Did I schedule my yearly physical, eye exam, and mammogram (women). I believe God for my healing. The question to ask is am I taking care of my personal healthcare by getting sufficient rest, maintaining stress level, eating mostly nutritionist foods, getting proper exercises, interacting in social gatherings, and scheduling much needed me-times? I enjoy weekly fellowship services and hearing God’s word. The question to ask is am I spending quality and quantity time with God personally, am I walking in His image, and am I true to myself in relation to who I say I am in Christ.

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