Food and Thoughts

Healthy food choices can reduce our risk of dementia and memory loss. Our brains require certain essential nutrients. Our food intake generates the energy needed to rejuvenate our brain while clearing away damaged proteins and cells. The goal of our food choices should be rooted in our brains being able to survive and thrive.

The aging process, we all enter, is visual through our physical appearance and thinking speed. Don’t panic, there is considered a normal degree of cognitive decline with age. The concern of thought loss becomes an issue when we or loved ones can’t remember family member names or directions to our homes. If this is the issue we should consider checking to see if we or family are suffering from dementia including Alzheimer’s disease (is the leading type of dementia).

Suggestive dietary factors are (please make sure you check with your spiritual physician (SP) and your medical physician (MP) before adding food or vitamin supplements into your current nutrition plan:

Daily eat more vegetables, especially green leafy veggies

Consume more omega fatty acids and seafood. Preference for seafood would be wild-caught versus farm-raised

Make sure that dietary fat consumption is low in saturated and trans-fat; yet, it should be high in vegetable fats.

Incorporate taking vitamin E, vitamin B12, folate, and niacin.

Note: There is a book called The Diet For The Mind by Dr. Martha Clare Morris that is very informative. It offers suggestive ways to eat to prevent Alzheimer’s and Cognitive Decline.

Let us know what you think about brain foods and supplements.

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