Flexibility through “excellence is knowing what you’re supposed to do, getting it on autopilot, and going beyond. It means having that extra touch” (Quote by Matt Perman).
Reaching our goals of excellency through flexibility, means we must choose to relinquish our desires and self-wills to complete the to do- list, relax and incorporate core routine of completing main daily activities (what needs to get done that day) and rest.
Let us see how well we did last week by
evaluating our last’s week role of life completion list. How many completed tasks on the list resulted in some tasks that were not considered products of excellency and were not a good representation of Christ?
In order to glorify God as we get things done (GTD) we need to acknowledge and accept that we are not “superwomen or supermen”. When possible, let us encourage ourselves to initiate our weekly schedules with main events that line up with our strengths, what we do best; then we can plan to complete the projects that are more challenging.
Remember in Christ we can be flexible and complete every task.
“I delight to do thy will, O my God: yea, they law is within my heart” (Psalms 40:8).
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