Family Fun Exercising

Is one of the key components needed to maintain a healthy and energetic family within a happy environment. Everyone wants their family members (individually and collectively) to be wholistically healthy (spirit, soul, and body). This healthy image will portray a healthy family that is free of Conflict, prosperous, and enjoying life. This weekend let  us enjoy and help our family members maintain good health with a fun energizing exercise program that includes

Balance and Agility- relay race with books on our heads

Core Work-waist twist around the dinner table

Safety Procedure-making sure we don’t have any office supplies, toys, or cellphones in the way while we are family exercising

Work-Out Format- keep it simple fun, and safe.

Try it for 20-30 minutes twice this weekend. Remember to have fun before during and after the workout. Please remember to enjoy each other versus competing with each other.

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