Family Fun Exercising: Upper-Body Work-out

This weekend let us engage in fun fitness with our biological or adopted (spiritual or physical) family members. Our goal is to develop/maintain upper-body strength (knowing our physical limitations). Since our family consists of various size, shapes, and ages, let us make sure we observe self and each other’s to make sure we are operating within our fitness level. Adults (18 and over) please be aware and cautious that children ages 2-12 and teens ages 14-17 are still going through development cycles (sprit, soul, and body). Their wellness levels will vary and develop according to their individual emotional, psychological, and physical growth. Let us make sure we are not pushing each other beyond our wellness capacity concerning the range of motion, flexibility, comprehension capacity, and body rhythm.

We will creatively strengthen, tone, and sculpt our/their intellectual abilities and upper-body muscles. This will help us get to know each other through physical and intellectual movements.  Remember to have fun before during and after your family’s fun lower body routine.  Please remember to enjoy each other versus competing with each other.

Try family push ups (wall, table, chair and floor), planks, team hand games (clap patty cake)
get creative and enjoy time with each other.

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