FaLL Detox: Part Two

Fall Detox

This season gives us a chance to detox our spirit, soul and body

  1. Physical
    1. weight gain or loss (physical)
    2. Dress attire/overlaying
  2. Soul-
    1. an emotional roller coaster
      1. Feelings-age. Rebirth, change
    2. Will
      1. What task have you been putting off
    3. Spirit
      1. renewing your mind
      2. Meditation
      3. Music
      4. Educational classes
      5. Puzzles
    4. Finance-saving investment
      1. Rebuild investment
    5. Vocational
      1. Balance work load
      2. Resume/job search

“There is a time for everything, every activity under the heaven”

( Ecclesiastes 3:1)


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