Fade Away

There are some people, places, things, and decisions that we have made that we would love to fade out of our sights and out of our minds. There are some self-inflicted personalities, prideful thoughts, and anger actions we would love to erase through a fading away environment. Well, we cannot erase past hurts, bad relationships, and lifestyle failures. We can enjoy dwelling over past blessings, accomplishments, loving relationships, and financial advantages.
Yet, there are names that we can stop dwelling upon and completely allow to fade away. There is one name that is above all names, that rides high in our thoughts, proclamations, and physical appearances. We continue to lift this name above all names as we proclaim:
“Let all the other names fade away
Let all the other names fade away
Until there’s only You
Let all the other names fade away
Jesus take Your place
Jesus take Your place” lyrics
Wide As the Sky lyrics by Isabel Davis

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