Exposure: Skin Disorder

No one sits around meditating about skin disorders. Regardless of one’s age, he or she can be at risk. Skin disorders (through sun exposure) occur in childhood and adolescence at a percentage between 50% and 80%. Let us make sure we are providing the proper amount of sunblock or sunscreen for self and our children. Senior citizens between the ages of 65 and 75 endure skin disorders. Le us not forget that certain supplements, over the counter and prescribe medication may result in skin disorders. Certain skin types and ethnic groups have a higher risk of skin disorders, for example, persons with red or blonde hair, people with blue, green, or gray eyes, and persons with a lot of freckles or light skin. Smokers are at higher risk of skin cancer; wrinkle faces and dry skin.
No fear, in God’s grace and mercy we can incorporate the following healthcare/skincare tools: eat healthy, exercise, reduce stress, and quit smoking. With God all things are possible Matthew 19:26.
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