Exercise Plan

Kidney patients often suffer from muscle weakness, resistance exercise can help with this. Building stronger muscles will help you do other forms of exercise more easily and also help you with your everyday activities.

Some suggested guidelines

(If you have not been working out check with your SP and MP before starting a workout ritual)

You want to lift weights slowly, using very controlled movements. Keep going until your muscles tire – this will tell them that they need to get stronger. Choose a weight that you can lift 10-12 times before you need to rest – you may need lighter or heavier weights for different exercises.             Keep breathing normally. Don’t hold your breath and avoid lifting weights above your head. Concentrate on the large muscles in your lower body (legs) as these are the ones that will help you most in your everyday activities.

Please Note: If you are dealing with chronic diseases (diabetes, heart issue, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, allergy, sinus) you may be taken medication that lists various side effects, vitamin deficiency, and elimination of certain foods. Please check with your SP and MP before changing eating habits, adding vitamin supplementation, fluid intake, and initiate an exercise plan.

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