The title of a doctor is considered noble, prestigious, and honorable, yet the doctor’s reputation must be proven. An Allergist/Immunologists treats immune systems disorders. If our bodies are battling asthma, eczema, food allergies, insect stings or some autoimmune diseases, we should prayerfully seek this medical specialist. On the other hand, if we or a loved ones are dealing with; heart failure, heart attack, high blood pressure or an irregular heartbeat, we should seek the guidance of the Holy Spirit, before we make an appointment to see a Cardiologist. If the seasonal changes causes health issues with our skin, hair, or nails or we are seeing on our bodies moles, scars or acne we need to see a Dermatologist. When we are fighting off spiritual frustration, aggravation, or depression what physician do we check in with that holds the right qualification? Well as Steve Harvey proclaims

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