Confident Steps


Our first steps towards our goal are exciting. As we continue on our journey, each step taking becomes shorter, feeling of uncertainty rises, doubt of financial support lingers, and energy level are depleted. We have to remind ourselves that this is a marathon race, not a microwave destination.

Let us look at the steps we are to take. As we remember, we can do all things in Christ, with determination, and inward faith of confidence.

Let us step on reminding ourselves:

The first step we take will turn us toward Faith Avenue. Next turn we make will lead us down Virtue Pathway. At the stop light we will look for a street called Knowledge. After finding and receiving knowledge, we will proceed to walk on Patience and Temperance Lane. We are able to maintain our sense of direction as we approach the intersection called Godliness Park and Brotherly Kindness. Finally, we end up on Charity Drive, where we serve others in Christlike love.





Share with us your latest steps of confidence.


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