Close Doors

Throughout our earthly journey we have walked through doors that automatically closed behind us. Entering and exiting the grocery stores the revolving doors open and close. Vacation trips land us in the hotel where the elevator doors open and shut behind us as we reach our room destinations. Daily career choices lead us to enter our professional work places through doors and we happily exit by the same door. As our lifestyle seasons changes, we enter/exist doors within school systems, careers, relationships, shopping centers, and entertainment choices. As we ponder over the various close doors behind us, we can be grateful, thankful, and nonjudgmental of the various ways the doors shut behind or before us.
We did not get hired,, we did not receive the job promotion or picked to be on a team. No worries, what God has for us it is for us.
For whatever reason our relationships ended (marriages, friendships, deaths). Let us be grateful for a time within the relationships. If through divorce, what did we learn. If through death, remember and be thankful for time spent with the person. If we were laid off or lost a job, let us seek God’s guidance on a lesson learned and His next job for us.
We did not get the house or car of our dreams. This does not mean we won’t, let us seek God’s timing and healthcare plan for our self-preservations.
Nothing “AAPEARS” to be going our way. Remember this too shall pass and seek God’s guidance on lesson learn.
The close doors behind or in front of us, only reminds us that we are on a specific journey and cannot walk through every door since God has special doors for each one of us to walk through. The one door that never closes is the door within our heart that should always be open to hear and receive God’s voice encouraging us to walk through His door.

“These things I have spoken to you, that my joy may be in you, and that your joy may be full” (John 15:11).
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