Clarification: Task Assignments

Our task assignment at school, work, or home at times can be overbearing, stressful, tedious, competitive, and demands that we input expertise that we are qualified or under qualify for. Yet, we are wearing the shoes to fulfill task whether we were self-selected or other-selected to complete the task. Before we move forward to accomplish and finish the course, we must get the clarification of the task assignment.
This means we must communicate with the party/parities involved to make sure we are attentively listening and discerning the task’s objectives. We must step back from our pre-conceived perception of the task goal in a spirit of humility. The main goal for communicating for clarity is to: make sure we, the listeners, are comprehending what the person’s desire and goal for the project. Also, this interaction will reassure the person/s that we attentively listen and understand the person’s goals. Finally, knowing the goals of the task will help us to remember that “no man is an island” and help us glorify God by assigning and delegating task that others’ specialize in, while we use our skills, and supervise others in love.
“For the Lord God does nothing without revealing his secret to his servants the prophets” (Amos 3:7).
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