Clarification: Medications

At times we are given over-the-counter drugs and prescribed prescriptions approved by our physicians and through our insurance coverages. We are given yearly shots to combat virus, infections, and unforeseen diseases. We are informed of the various could be possible side effects from taken prescribed drugs and vaccines shots. Do we really meditate over the various side-effects seriously? A suggestive tip is to seek our Spiritual Physician (SP)’s guidance and leadership before our Medical Physician (MP) prescribes us prescriptions, shots, and or gives us medical diagnosis.
For example, when informed it was time for me to get a Flu Vaccine (Influenza), I was asked to fill out a Screening Questionnaire to reveal: my healthcare level, if feeling sick, any allergies, if I was taking anticoagulation medication, if I had a seizure, brain or other nervous system problems, and if I was currently pregnant. Also, I was given a list of side-effects that could manifest after receiving the shot. Then came the news of that I might have some discomfort and pain surrounding the area where the shot was given, since most people have this problem.
Upon receiving all of this dramatic information it was up to me to determine how I would “allow” it to affect my wholistic balance: spirit (faith base belief system), soul (feelings and emotions and mind cares), body (pain tolerance).
I decided (hope you will when face with the above dilemma) to stand upon my faith conviction and take and engage within the following Spiritual Drug Facts Of God’s Word:
“Ingredients: 100% organic no preservative, vegan and meat lovers can partake
Relieves: low self-esteem, Self-failure, restore mind peace and contentment, removes guilt and shame
Side-Effects: You will walk in victory regardless of life challenges
Directions: Take as often as needed
Other Information: Each spiritual capsule contains God’s love, God’s Grace, and God guarantee to defeat negative thoughts” (Distributed by God through Wonderfully Made Inc).
So take your capsules or shots if approved through your Spiritual Physician (SP) who proclaims this on your agenda throughout your wholistic journey.

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