Christmas Stories

We love to say Merry Christmas, for those of us that celebrate this holiday season. As we engage and enjoy the holiday festivities, we get to hear and share our Christmas stories. From generation to generation we gather and share the nativity scene through our version of the Messiah’s birth. We are grateful and thankful for His earthly visit, healing, resurrection and redeeming power.
What are our individual Christmas Stories?
We are saved through His grace.
We are blessed with His breath of life.
We are able to vertically (God) and horizontally (relationships) fellowship with all of our loved ones by choice.
We are free-will agent with the choices to praise, worship, serve, and obey God’s word.
We are uniquely made in His image.
We are wrapped in His mercy and grace.
We are equipped with His strength, love, compassion, patience, kindness, long suffering, and self-discipline to deal with life circumstances.
We are blessed to be able to verbally proclaim His words.
We are fortunate enough to be able to retreat to a place of solitude, admire the stars and remember that Our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ was born on one silent night that brought a light of life into our lives.
Silent Night

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