When we meditate on the definition of the word Chasity, we think that one who operate within a state of Chasity does the following: abstain from unlawful sexual intercourse, a priest or nun, purity in conduct and intention, restrain from participating in unlawful activities and interact with others with integrity.
As we view our daily interaction within the mirror, can we say that our lifestyle mimic Chasity in the area of integrity, dependability, faithfulness, trustworthiness, respectfulness of others’ opinions, and of others’ lifestyle choices?
Let us take this moment to critique our Chasity expressions from our last week daily interactions and activities.
1. Did we attentively listen to the concerns of our loved ones, co-workers, peers, teachers, supervisors, neighbors, and strangers or did we view them from a judgmental, anxious or non-listening mind frames?
2. Did we engage into our school assignments, daily chores, business meetings, networking events, and job assignments with passion, energy, dedication, and determination? Or did we in aggravation and with frustration hurriedly completed our personal and professional interactions and assignments?
3. Did we take time out to maintain our Chasity lifestyle through maintaining our self-sanity? Did we take time out to eat nutrition foods, engage in physical fitness, take time out to enhance our spiritual formation (prayer, Bible study, fellowshipping, and personal time with God), get the proper amount of rest, and enjoy life? Or did we spend most of our time rushing from the job, school, to home, making unhealthy food choices, avoiding exercising, worrying about tomorrow, and not getting enough rest?
Whichever road we travel voluntarily or non-voluntarily, we must take ownership of our last week’s Chasity Lifestyle choices, learn from them, commit to avoid unhealthy choices, repent where needed, and thank and praise God for the opportunity for next week, where we can live our selective Chasity lifestyles in such a way that will lovingly serve others, get our tasks done with zeal, and glorify God.
“So whether you eat or drink or whatever you do, do it all for the glory of God” (1 Corinthians 10:31).

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