Chair Faith

The chair is a convenient piece of furniture. Depending on our mindsets, comfort necessities, and chair preferences, we choose to sit in the lounging chairs, business chairs, exercise chairs, or healthcare chairs (physician social event, dentist, financial, educational, or criminal). Based on our income budget or no budget we purchase chairs to decorate the rooms within our personal and professional lifestyles. What is obvious upon our sitting down is our “chair faith”, which can be define as our belief and trust in the chair being able to endure our body weight.
We believe that every chair we sit in will keep gravity from pulling us down to the floor. That is faith; yet, how does our faith system work in relation to our souls being anchor within the spiritual realm of God’s Word? Do we really believe and stand on God’s promises within our daily activities? Let us take a faith test.
When we are faced with relationship dilemma, do we try to work it out or seek God for His Divine intervention?
When we need financial assistant, do we use our credit cards for instant gratification, or do we pray for God’s Financial plan to manifest within our money challenges.
When being persecuted, do we seek revenge and enter the retaliation zone or do we cry out to God for deliverance?
Whatever our decisions we made, remember it is never too late to “Trust in the LORD with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding” (Proverbs 3:5).
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