Byron’s and Rev. Dr. Fredina’s Lifestyles

Byron’s and Rev. Dr. Fredina’s sereving lifestyles are all about Jesus, family fitness, and fun (JFFF). In addition, our relationship begins with our parents’ friendship, which has been ongoing forty-plus years. Next, the Usher’s (Dr. Fredina’s parents) and Weems’ (Byron’s parents) embarked on a business venture. Then, through the prayers of our mothers, we married.

Dr. Fredina’s passion is sharing God’s love through wellness, fitness, and lifestyle professonal,coaching, and public speaking health and wellness adovacate. Also she is an academic educator. Rev. Dr. Fredina on the other hand, Byron shares God’s love by inspiring, motivating, and encouraging others through song.a man after God’s own heart Throughout Byron’s and Rev. Dr. Fredina’s Lifestyles, they both love to worship and serve their Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

We enjoy individual and collective daily prayer. Byron and Dr. Fredina find comfort and pleasure during their famiy Bible study time with the Lord. On the other hand, they are determne to maintain a healthy, active lifestyle. We have family day-night every Friday. Byron and Dr. Fredina love strolling in the park together. More movement enhances our cognitive thoughts. physical movements increases memory retention We are not perfect; however, we practice what we preach (wellness and inspirational proclamations).

Byron’s and Rev. Dr. Freina’s serving lifestyles inspires others to pursue an active and healthy life. We pray and hope that our inspiring songs and wholistic (spirit, soul, and body) lifestyle choices will motivate others to live physically fit, emotionally balanced, and keep their belief system.