Byron  Weems, an Inspirational Vocalist

CEO, Wonderfully Made Inc. Inspirational Vocalist

Byrons, An inspirational singer

As a child, I loved to sing about anything. While singing lifted my spirits, others informed me that my voice energized and motivated them to endure daily challenges. Daily I looked for opportunities to motivate, comfort, and encourage others through life experiences. My singing gift, which God blessed me with, will be shared throughout my interaction and relationships.

My love for God and his people allowed me to joyfully sing in the men’s choirs and Gospel choirs at Lee Memorial African Methodist Episcopal Church. Also, I joyfully sang at Euclid Congregational Church. My voice enhanced the Jubilee Mass Choir, the William Chester Bacon Choir, and Worship services at the Church on the Rise. Also, I have sung with the worship team at the Church on the North Coast, Valley View.

For over three decades, I have praised the Lord and encouraged others through my inspirational voice. I am a singer/songwriter,/musician. I have studied at the Cleveland Institute of Music. The numerous vocal lessons: media prep classes and music and speech classes at Cuyahoga Community College, have enhanced my singing abilities. On the other hand, my self-study in the music area helps me interact, listen and understand people’s wholistic needs (spirit, soul, and body).

Currently, I am singing inspirationally upon request through our family business. I continue to use my voice nationally and internally. My singing passion is to inspire others to pursue their dreams and goals while dealing with plain and unforeseen circumstances.

Inspirational vocalist blessed and being a blessing.

I have encouraged brides and grooms to become as one according to Scripture or their belief system. During the worship services and offertory, God has uses me to set the environment for cheerful givers. At funerals, Biblically-based lyrics brings a peaceful atmosphere to help the families deal with the loss of their loved ones.

I have inspirationally witnessed through songs at the following websites: YouTube, Facebook, and LinkedIn. My inspiration voice has been heard at the Cleveland City Mission, Salvation Army, and various community outreach locations throughout Ohio. I continue to inspire others through our family business, Wonderfully Made Inc., weekly podcasts. I have ministered on Trinity Broadcast Network. Yearly, I continue to sing God’s praises at the Community Service Alliance’s and Community West Foundation’s holiday celebration called “A Celebration of Praise.”

God has blessed me to put out the following CDs: God’s Gift (2012), God’s Holiday (2013), and God’s Grace (2014). I have a single and music video, called Ring The Bells (on YouTube, 2020). My current single, called It’s Personal (2021). It is inspiring, motivating, and encouraging its numerous listeners to continue serving and being blessed in God’s unmerited love and favor. Through my inspirational music ministry, individuals, organizations, corporations, and groups receive spiritual uplifting, deliverance, encouragement, and soul and physical healthcare.