A Gospel Singer after God’s Own Heart

I have been praising the Lord, Jesus Christ through song for over three decades as a singer/song writer/musician. I have studied at the Cleveland Institute of Music. I have taken numerous vocal lessons; media prep classes, and music and speech classes at Cuyahoga Community College.

I joyfully sang in the men choirs, and Gospel choirs at Lee Memorial African Methodist Episcopal Church, Euclid Congregational Church, The Jubilee Mass Choir, and the William Chester Bacon Choir.

Through my music therapy ministry with God’s grace, I have encouraged brides and grooms to become as one according to Scripture. During the worship services and offertory, God has used me to set the environment for cheerful givers. At funerals I have used Biblically-based lyrics which brought a peaceful atmosphere to help the families deal with the loss of their loved ones.

I have witness through song at the following sites: Cleveland City Mission, Salvation Army, Various community outreach location throughout Ohio. I have ministered on Trinity Broadcast Network (It is still airing 2014). I have ministered on Family Day at Saint John Missionary Baptist Church in Clarksville Tennessee. Yearly, I have sang God’s praises at the Community Service Alliance’s and Community West Foundation’s holiday celebration called “A Celebration of Praise”.

God has blessed me to put out the following CDs: God’s Gift (2012), God’s Holiday (2013), and God’s Grace (2014). Bi-weekly you can receive spiritual uplifting, deliverance, encouragement, and healthcare guidance through the musical therapy session on Byron’s and Reverend Fredina ‘s radio broadcast www.kazradio.tv.