We are running late for work, school, or schedule appointment. We are caught in a traffic jam. Our monthly bills are due. We fear scheduling our annual physical and taking school tests. Relatives are coming over for our family holiday celebrations.
STOP Panicking !!!!!!!!!!
Before we enter the unwanted zone of high blood pressure, sky rocketing cholesterol reading, the fear of failure, doom, and in debt, let us take the time to breathe and look to the hills from which cometh our help.
The breath of life within us, in God’s mercy and grace permits us to inhale His peace exhale anxiety and frustrations.
The breath of life within us in God’s love allows us to breathe in His shelter and covering and to exhale doubt.
The breath of life within us in God’s provision motivates us to inhale His prosperity and to exhale lack.
Let us take some time today and throughout our week to breathe and partake in some simple Pilate relaxing movements.
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