Break From Break

Throughout our day, we take a break to check our text messages, email, voice mails and to take selfie. What started off as a 2-minute break turn into 2 hours. While we are breaking to check our social media, let us take a break away from the social media break by engaging in table push away.
This will help us to develop and maintain our upper bodies strength. Table push up, will remind us that at times we need to push away from taking numerous social media breaks. It will give us time to breath, focus on our physical toning while avoiding over use of our fingers, eyes and over focusing on self.
Here we go
• Sitting up in the chair
• Feet flat on the floor
• Place our hands wide on the table (comfortable for our bodies’ rhythm and alignment).
• Make sure all fingers are flat and relaxed on the table.
• Contract our abdominal muscles.
• We are looking down at the table.
• Slowly lower towards the table (listen to our bodies in order to know how close our face can get to the table).
• As we are lower your bodies toward the table exhale.
• As we return to start position, let us inhale
• Let us try 6 times.
Remember everything we do, should glorify God. “Honor the LORD from your wealth And from the first of all your produce” (Proverbs 3:9).