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Eating healthy, exercising consistently, managing cardiovascular-related health conditions, engaging in activities that promote cognitive and social stimulation, and getting quality sleep can decrease the risk of dementia and memory loss. Keep in mind, that there is no guarantee that you will or won’t get dementia or avoid memory loss.  This is just to alert you that the trio package (heart disease, diabetes, and hypertension) and other chronic diseases are triggers that can increase one chance of being diagnosed with dementia.

Below is a list of known risk factors of dementia:

Cardiovascular issues that lead to heart disease, stroke, high blood pressure, abnormal blood cholesterol levels

Diabetes-be mindful that even though family history portrays has been a health issue, one does not have to claim it and avoid it through proper sleep, nutrition and lifestyle choices

Obesity – be mindful that as we grow older in grace, one loses lean body mass which includes muscle, organs, and bones. Unfortunately, our fat tissues increase

Let avoid being a partaker of the above risk factor list, Make sure we keep our yearly physical and stay mindful and alert to changes going on within our spirits, souls, and bodies, wholistic lifestyle

Let us know what healthcare strategies you are taking to avoid dementia and chronic diseases.

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