Fredina’s KickartFredina’s Kickart is a safe, highly motivating cardio/resistance workout. This fitness program focuses on working for the major/minor muscle groups while burning mega-calories Click here to purchase.
Transformation: Your Wellness Journey, A Transition from an Unhealthy Lifestyle to a Wholesome, Productive Lifestyle
Your Wellness Journey,this safe, effective, fun wellness transfor-mation challenge will uplift your spirit, guide you through soul care assessments, and offer you helpful body maintenance tools
. Click here to purchase.

Transformation Journey Book Club

30 minutes once a week (six weeks) wholistic healthcare journey through the book. (six virtual session once you purchase the book). Click here to pruchase the book. Dates to be announced.

Transformation Journey


God’s Divine Wellness Plan-God’s Divine Wellness Plan- This book recognizes that God has a divine wellness plan for His children, especially his African-American daughters. Click here to purchase.
Fun Fitness-Exercises for the whole family.Here are some fun fitness activities for family gatherings. Click here to purchase.