The Anchor in Your Ankle

anchor ankle

The ankle, in the anatomy book, is referred to as a gliding joint. The gliding joint has the simplest motion possible in any joint. One surface moves over another. If you do not maintain your ankle strength, your leg movement can be restricted, which limits your walking abilities. A suggestive ankle strengthening exercise is the seated ankle circles. While watching … Read More

Peace in Music

God’s beauty is visual throughout the world. This spring, as your footsteps lead you, listen to the birds, notice the trees as they sway in the wind, take time to breathe and notice the musical sound of your heart beat. Peace in music can be found internally, as you breathe in fresh air and exhale out in faith. Freedom in … Read More

Your Eyes

The institute of Medicine (National Academy of Science) recommends that vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients to be taken for good vision and eye protection. Beta-carotene-when taken with combination with zinc, vitamins C, and E, may reduce the progression of macular degeneration. Bioflavonoids (Flavonoids)- may protect against cataracts. Food nutrition- tea, citrus fruits, blueberries, legume and soy products can reduce your … Read More

Family’s Warm Up

Personal trainers assist and encourage their clients to perform proper warm ups before the clients engage in their cardiovascular or resistant training sessions. Why is it important to warm up before fitness training sessions? -It prevents injury. -It improves joint range of motion. -It improves performance. -It allows your core body temperature increase which allows efficient calorie burning. Before you … Read More


A singer-songwriter is a music artist who writes and performs his or her own material. As a music artist, my songs portray my belief and faith in God’s Word. Through my songwriting, I reveal God’s Grace and Love for me in spite of my faults and failures. My confessions proclaim my redemption status is in Christ by my faith. As … Read More


” I have told you these things, so that in me you may have peace. In the world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the World” (John 16:33 NIV). Bittersweet is defined as something that provides pleasure and pain. To live a balance lifestyle means you must recognize, deal, and accept life’s complexity. Some days you … Read More

Music In Me

The echoes of your voice. What musical tunes do they proclaim? You have internal musical notes that can control your attitude, emotion, and character. The music in you shines brightly through your voice tone, facial expression, and body language. Your interactions with other should transition from the Spirit within. It should joyfully sing of God’s praises from your heart regardless … Read More

The Shield

The shield of faith is something you must take up and use it against your daily life challenges. As you study God’s word, you realize that the shield of faith is your spiritual armor which keeps the darts of the enemy from attacking your thoughts, visions, and soul. The shield of faith, when used is guaranteed to quench all of … Read More

Selfless Service

Excellent customer service, requires the servers to adjust themselves to the personality of their guests, customers. Customer service is often referred to when describing the culture of the organization. This weekend during your family time, offer your loved ones selfless service. This is done by doing things for them that they would enjoy versus doing something for yourself. “You, my … Read More

Your Chorus

Some songs have a chorus. This is the part of the song that recurs at intervals, usually following each verse. The chorus allows everyone to sing along. The repeated verse is the core of the song. The words helps you to understand what the song is all about. Your faith chorus is rooted and founded within the Scriptures. When life’s … Read More