Type of Psychological Disorder: Depressive Disorder

Depression has no age limit. Disruptive Mood Dysregulation Disorder (DMDD) is a new diagnosis in the field of mental health. Age range is from children up to 18 years. Children with DMDD have frequent temper tantrums. These temper outbursts can interfere with the child’s ability to function at home, in school or with their friends. Parents, let us keep our … Read More

Our Songs

We all have verbal and physical songs we illustrate throughout our lifestyles. We offer our songs to others at work. We sing our lifestyle’s songs to family members as we serve them. We sing our songs of praises to God during our worship times, Bible studies, prayers, and acts of obedience. The question to ask ourselves is tomorrow what type … Read More

Family Prayer

We all take time throughout our week to communicate with God. We pray for God’s guidance for self, family members, co-workers, church members, and strangers. Yet, we forget or do not consider the need for prayer time with the family members. This week end, let us make time in our schedule to pray with love ones. God is all about … Read More

Waistline Trim

We all want to maintain a slim and healthy waistline. This assist with maintaining a healthy heart, lowing our blood pressure, and eliminates the appearance of a tire belly. On our lunch break or whenever we have some free time, let us try a standing strength training technique that can sculpt and tone our abdominal area. Pull Down and Punch … Read More


When we visualize M&M, we think about tasting the colorful button-shaped milk chocolate candy. We have a choice of chocolate or peanut fillings. Around valentine day we can enhance our taste buds with the following flavor M&Ms: peanut butter, almond, pretzel, crispy, dark chocolate and caramel. When we think about the spiritual M&M we are referring to M(mind) & M … Read More

Strong Abdominal: Healthy Soul

Abdominal muscles are essential for a have healthy midsection, body composition, good posture, and the prevention of lower-back pain. Healthy abdominal in appearance enhances our physical beauty, increases energy level and helps develop core strength, A healthy soul enhances unity and harmony within our will, mind, and emotions. Soul Toning requires us to engage in spiritual prayer. A cleansing soul … Read More

Phone Stretch

Of course, we must take time to stretch during and after our important business, family, social, and friendship calls. This will help us to release tension found within face. We can do this through smiling, which will reveal God’s love for others through our facial expression. A radiant smile will improve our facial muscles. We can practice in front of … Read More

Part Two: Computer Desk Health Challenges

The way we set up our computer workstation can cause the following health problems: 1. Forearm Tendonitis 2. Tingling Fingers 3. Wrist problem 4. Shoulder Tension This quick and simple exercise will allow us to pray and stretch at the same time. Aloes, help to prevent hand injuries, strengthen our wrists and keep our hands and fingers flexible. Prayer Hand … Read More

Part One: Computer Desk Health Challanges

The way in which our typical desk setup at work can cause us to have the following health issues: 1. Back Pain 2. Stiff Muscle 3. Tight Joints 4. Poor Circulation 5. Repetitive Strain Injuries If we want our bodies to glorify God, how can me maintain good posture, avoid body pain, joint issues, and poor circulation? This can be … Read More

The Cat Stretch

Watch a cat stretch. Cats are graceful and coordinated. They instinctively stretch to keep muscles tuned, and joints flexible. Notice how the cat feels the stretch, test the tension, relaxes, and sometimes yawns while focusing on the stretch. Just like the cat stretch, stretching throughout the day will help us to feel good and increases blood flow throughout our bodies, … Read More